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GCHQ Puzzle Solution 14

One of these things is like the others, one of these things just not belong …

  1. Base sounds the same as (double) bass which can be pronounced differently as the name of a fish!
  2. Bough sounds the same as (taking a) bow which can be pronounced differently as in “violin bow” or “hair bow”
  3. Dessert sounds the same as desert (as in run away) which can be pronounced differently as in Sahara desert.
  4. Doze sounds the same as does (as in the hint) which does have a different pronunciation and meaning doesn’t it!
  5. Pull has no homophones so is the odd one out, BUT ….
  6. Piece sounds the same as peace, but this can only be pronounced one way, so this is the odd one out if you disregard “PULL”. This was the supplementary challenge we set via the forum for those who got 5.
  7. Reed sounds the same as read which can be pronounced to rhyme with “red” instead

Another from the GCHQ linguistic playbook. If you now your homonyms and synonyms you should have been in good shape, though as with many wordplay games there is an element of cultural bias here, so apologies if your local dialect made this one too tricky!