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How should I submit my answers, and what should I include?

The Team Captain (or anyone in the team using the Team Captain account) can submit solutions to either Part A or Part B at any time during a round by typing them into the submissions page. If you need to resubmit (because you found a mistake, or because we pointed one out to you) you can use the same form. Just paste your entry as text in the appropriate box on the form. It doesn’t matter how you format your answer with or without punctuation and spaces and whether or not you use capital letters, however you must only type or paste in the exact text of a decrypt of the message. It is a good idea to use a simple text editor to type up your solution (rather than something like Word) as the spell checker sometimes tries to change what you are typing and any “mistake” in the text might be deliberate. Don’t try to correct any errors you think we have made, always type in an exact decryption of the text. Don’t try to tell us what cipher we used, or to ask us a question, or to say how you solved the cipher in the entry form, we don’t read it and it will be marked as an error in the solution. If you need to get hold of us you can post a message on the forum or send us an email at