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Welcome to the Bureau of Security and Signals Intelligence (BOSS)

A special National Cipher Challenge for extraordinary times Forums Bureau of Security and Signals Intelligence Forum Welcome to the Bureau of Security and Signals Intelligence (BOSS)

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    Welcome to the Comms Center for the National Cipher Challenge 2020 Special Edition.

    Here you can post comments and questions about the challenges, and share ideas with other BOSS trainees!

    If you are new to the BOSS Cipher Challenge Training Programme, welcome, we hope to get to know you. If you are returning, then welcome back it is great to see you again!

    Despite the serious nature of its business, BOSS aims to be a friendly and welcoming place to work, and to keep it that way we have a few house rules:

    Top Secret by order of Harry

    1. The Comms centre is staffed by Harry, together with members of ELF,  the Elvish League of Forum moderators. Remember that the people you are talking to on the Forum are people too, even the elves. They have feelings too, so keep it friendly and polite.
    2. Above all else we want to keep you all safe, so please do not post, or attempt to post, anything that could reveal your identity. Enemies of BOSS are everywhere, and they may even attempt to infiltrate the agency. Here you can be anyone you want to be as long as you don’t tell anyone who you are!
    3. For the sake of all that is sacred, please please please don’t give hints, tips, or, above all, solutions to a live challenge, here or anywhere else, without asking us first! This is an important training exercise and we don’t want it compromised.
    4. While we are a top secret agency, we try to keep channels of communication open within the organisation, so if you want to post anything, post it here, so the entire agency can read it. You might be tempted to use other channels like Discord, but that is a breach of security and not the way we do things in BOSS.
    5. Above all be witty, be wise and be warm. Let’s make the forum a great place to hang out!

    Harry's Signature

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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