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GCHQ Puzzle Challenge

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    Is it [Yes it is! Well done, Harry]?


    @Harry – Wow! I feel quite honoured to be named on the GCHQ Puzzle Challenge as providing the hint! Can I add that to my CV??

    [Definitely! Harry]

    Anyway, back to Challenge 10! 😀


    Another awesome Bank Holiday puzzle – thank you!

    In case anybody would like some help filling this in, I have put a version of the crossword in an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded here. Letters only need to be entered into the top-left quadrant and they will be copied automatically into the other quadrants. To add letters, you will need to download a copy to your computer first.



    [Good! Harry]

    This is as far as I could get. Still don’t know what to do with NAT and TAN.


    Grr – all the right words, just not necessarily in the right quantities. I’ve filled the grid, but from the clues I have too many [REDACTED]s and not enough [REDACTED]s, and I can’t get any of the [REDACTED]s to be one of the other answers instead.

    Really nice puzzle though. It reminds me of Only Connect connecting walls.

    Answers (which include one more ‘Suez’ and one more ‘Lee’ than I want):


    [Could you repost with the answers in the clue order as given in the question. I am finding it. difficult to correlate! Sorry, Harry]


    Oops, I mistakenly thought that the clues were in alphabetical order (I reordered them in a spreadsheet while solving). It turns out “Type of WWI batalion”, “MI6” and “Affectionate name for Mother” were not where I expected them to be, and I mispelt “Arctic”. (Anyone heard of the Articulated Monkeys?) [Most of them I would think. Non-articulated = rigor mortis? Harry]

    I think this is the original order:
    [Excellent effort. Some work needed on the following, but perhaps not as much as you might think!

    … Enthusiastic -not quite

    …  Male or female name – no
    … Self-important person – not quite

    … Town in Egypt – no

    Keep going, Harry]


    Can I just check that […]?

    [Yes you can, and yes it does. Harry]


    Can I just check this, @Harry?
    [Problems with the following, Harry:

    03 Not this one
    14 Not this one
    18 Not quite this one
    40 Not this one
    54 Not this one
    57 Not this one
    61 Not this one
    62 Not this one
    63 Not this one
    64 Not this one
    65 Not this one
    70 Not this one]


    Oops – I worked out “Enthusiastic” and “Self-important person” at the same time and wrote them down the wrong way round.

    That town in Egypt is listed further down the Wikipedia disambiguation page I was looking at; I stopped looking after seeing it was a diminutive of various Russian names (both male and female).

    And I didn’t realise that name was considered either male or female – I only recall encountering it before as a name of nonbinary or male gendered people.



    Harry you’ve put the answer up before you checked my post given yesterday 30th May 2020 at 7:31 pm
    who will believe it now?


    1. […] is an anagram of […], which is a synonym of […], which is a homophone of […], which is a prime number. […] is also a homophone of […], which is an anagram of […], which is […].


    slightly late… but […] can be in either list, since it is [………]?? [That is right, Harry]


    Harry, the puzzle does not call for all the answers to be put to numbers but rather to fill in the grid.

    So here is my solution – hope it shows up ok with the non mono spaced forum font (always annoying).

    [Very good, Harry]


    1. [Very good, Harry]


    For number 3, is the canine animal a […Yes, Harry]?

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